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Testimonials And Endorsements

Below are a selection of testimonials and endorsements from my satisfied clients.

“Nick did a great job for me in my pregnancy discrimination case. He won a jury trial in federal court against a team of corporate lawyers from Chicago!” – Jennifer Stevens, Fowlerville

“Nick sued my employer for violations of my FMLA rights and I got my job back. I was also availed creative financing to pay my legal expenses. I was ” – Diana Hume, Pinckney

“My case involved a retaliation claim against a university that may have violated EEOC laws in a hiring process. Nick helped me assert my rights by handling all of the legal procedures seamlessly.  He was able to anticipate tactics from the opposing side, and counsel me on how to deal with those. Nick provided legal as well as moral support through 9 months of very difficult proceedings. My case had a positive outcome with a monetary settlement.” – Higher Education Administrator

“I sued Livingston County when my family Medical Leave Act rights were violated and I was very satisfied with the results! Nick vindicated my rights and dignity.” – Sandy E. St. Onge, Howell

“I was referred to Nick Roumel for legal counsel on a situation involving discrimination against my daughter by a state university.  Mr. Roumel was accessible, prompt in his replies, a good listener, networked into the education side of law and was compassionate to my daughter. He promptly reviewed our data, recommended courses of action, and answered my questions in detail.  Our discussions helped me to understand the legal requirements and protections of a state university. The result of our association with Mr. Roumel was very positive.” – James Dawson, Macomb

“Nick went far beyond what he had to do and did everything he could have done. Nick is a fighter. – Ken Brown, Saline