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Discrimination In Employment: Protecting Your Rights Throughout Michigan

As a discrimination lawyer, I understand the profound disruption discrimination can cause in people’s lives. Discrimination doesn’t just affect careers; it chips away at the very core of one’s identity, creating emotional turmoil and systemic challenges. As the founding attorney of Roumel Law, I’m dedicated to standing against discrimination and fighting for the rights of individuals across Michigan.

Your Advocate Against Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is illegal and comes in various forms, including age, sex, race, religion and disability. It’s not merely an injustice; it’s a violation of your rights as an employee. As a discrimination lawyer, I aim to provide unwavering support and legal experience to help victims obtain the compensation and justice they deserve.

How I Can Help In Michigan

In Michigan, state and federal laws prohibit discrimination in employment practices. Whether you’ve faced wrongful termination, been denied a promotion or experienced a hostile work environment due to discrimination, my experienced team at Roumel Law is here to fight for you.

Experienced Advocacy, Compassionate Approach

With over 30 years of experience, my firm combines legal prowess with a compassionate understanding of the challenges discrimination presents. I am deeply embedded throughout the Michigan community and fiercely dedicated to standing up for its residents. My client-focused approach ensures that I give your case the serious attention it deserves while guiding you through the legal process with empathy and gravitas.

Seek Justice Today

If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace, don’t face it alone. Contact me at 734-403-3296 or visit my contact page to schedule a free consultation. Let’s work together to protect your rights and bring justice to your situation.