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Defending Title IX Rights: Advocating Against Sexual Assault Throughout Michigan

Being subjected to sexual assault or harassment at school, whether K-12 or higher education, can have profound implications on individuals’ lives. I have represented students who have survived sexual assault from elementary school, through high school, and college, including victims of Doctors Larry Nassar at Michigan State University and Robert Anderson at the University of Michigan. I have represented students and employees alike who have suffered assault and other violence. I utilize Title IX and other laws to help survivors obtain compensation and justice from the failures of the educational systems that were supposed to protect them.

Understanding Title IX And Sexual Assault

Title IX is a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities receiving federal funding. It’s crucial for students to know their rights and avenues for recourse in cases of sexual assault or harassment within educational institutions. As a Title IX lawyer, I provide guidance and legal support for students navigating Title IX cases, ensuring their rights are protected.

Advocacy And Empowerment

I’m dedicated to empowering students affected by sexual assault, helping them navigate the complexities of Title IX procedures and advocating fiercely on their behalf. My firm takes a client-focused, aggressive approach, ensuring students receive the support and gravitas necessary to fight against the injustice of sexual assault.

Specifics For Michigan

Title IX compliance and regulations in Michigan apply to educational institutions receiving federal funding. Understanding the state-specific nuances of Title IX procedures and protections is essential, and as the Title IX lawyer at Roumel Law, I have the experience to navigate these intricacies and fight for justice.

Seek Support And Justice Today

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or harassment under Title IX regulations, you don’t have to face it alone. Contact me at 734-403-3296 or visit my contact page to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Title IX lawyer. Let’s work together to defend your rights and seek justice in educational settings.